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Meet our Board


Aquatics Canada board of directors is a body of elected members from the four aquatics sports: Diving; Swimming; Synchro and Water Polo. The FINA Bureau member is appointed annually to the board. This group consists of five voting members and the four senior staff members (ex-officio) representing the four sports who jointly oversee the activities of the organization. One of the primary responsibilities is to act as gatekeeper for all participation of Aquatics in Canada related to international relationships and positioning with our strategic partners such as FINA and UANA.

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Our Community


Aquatics Canada supports the four aquatic sports domestically with the COC, all levels of government sport bodies, funding bodies, provincially and within cities. We all work together to help promote and increase the general public awareness of aquatics sports. Our National Sport Organizations are our members and are focused on building more efficient, effective and resilient athletes who can participate at their highest potential at domestic and international competitions. The organizations in our community are dedicated to achieving high performance by enlisting the support and services a group of highly trained coaches, technical officials, judges, volunteers as well as sports science and sports medicine professionals dedicated to building a competitive environment for the aquatic sports including DivingSwimmingSynchro and Water Polo.

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