Aquatics Canada endorses Dr. Margo Mountjoy to become FINA Vice President for the Americas

Aquatics Canada Aquatiques is pleased to support Dr. Margo Mountjoy as the candidate for the upcoming election as the FINA Vice President for the Americas. The position would place her on the FINA Executive, and give UANA a strong voice in the governance of aquatic sports at the international level.

“Dr. Mountjoy is relationship builder across all sport platforms – IOC, FINA , UANA , ASOIF, WADA, WHO and here at home in Canada. She is a highly qualified candidate –both academically and in her leadership skills. Aquatics Canada fully endorses her as our selection to be the FINA Vice President for the Americas,” said Lisa Schott , Chair of Aquatics Canada “Her focus is athlete-centric with attention to health + well-being , safe sport, good governance, gender equity, good governance and sound fiscal responsibility. Margo is a hard-working, passionate individual, which when combined with her integrity and ethical values, equips her well to guide FINA in the future.”

Despite Canada’s long history of supportive partnership with FINA through hosting numerous aquatic events, and significant technical contributions to the aquatic disciplines, no Canadian has served as a FINA Vice-President. Dr. Mountjoy is hoping to be the first, bringing to the portfolio a wide range of international sport experience.She is a FINA Bureau member since 2009, and until recently, was the sole female on FINA’s 23-member Bureau. She has served as the Union Americana de Natacion (UANA) Vice President since 2015.

A retired elite artistic swimmer, she is now a Professor in Sports Medicine and the Dean of the School of Medicine (WRC) at McMaster University in Hamilton. In her clinical role, she is the Clinical and Academic Lead of the Health and Performance Centre at the University of Guelph where she has focused her clinical practice on elite athlete health care. She is highly regarded in the International Sports Medicine field as a member of the IOC Medical Commission (Games Group) since 2005, as well as chairing the ASOIF Medical and Scientific Consultative group. She serves on the Health,
Medicine and Research group of WADA, and on the FINA “Swimming for All” program as well as the World Health Organization’s working group on drowning prevention.

Dr. Mountjoy believes UANA is at an important decision point. “UANA has the opportunity to become stronger within FINA with vision for global development of the aquatic sports. It is time for change.” Her platform for the position is built around five key concepts:
Leadership – developing and implementing a system to facilitate the exchange of new ideas and achieve open communication;
Development – using technology and innovation to further develop and ensure global relevance of all six disciplines;
Olympic Games strategy – to maximize opportunities for aquatic athletes to participate in the Olympic Games, specifically where underrepresented by the Olympic program or by gender;
Fiscal responsibility – investing in UANA member Federations to enhance athlete opportunity and success;
Governance – increasing the UANA voice and influence at the FINA level by strategically targeting and promoting experts from within to serve on FINA

The election for Vice-President of the Americas will take place on August 5th in Lima, Peru during the Pan American Games. The Americas is the second largest continental group in FINA with 44 member countries.

To see Dr. Margo Mountjoy’s full bio and experience, visit her LinkedIn profile here.

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