Board of Directors & FINA Members

Kelly Stark-Anderson, President Aquatics Canada Aquatiques









Lisa Schott, Past President Aquatics Canada Aquatiques











Judy Enns Bradette, President Artistic Swimming Canada







Debbie Muir, Representative Diving Canada Plongeon








Conrad Hadubiak, President Water Polo Canada






Cheryl Gibson, President Swimming Canada




Margo Mountjoy, Bureau Member, FINA







About Our Board
The Aquatics Canada Board consists of a minimum of five and a maximum of six Directors elected by its members. The members are from the four national governing bodies for each of the four Olympic aquatics disciplines in Canada {Diving, Swimming, Artistic Swimming and Water Polo}. The President of Aquatics Canada is elected by its members. The Presidents of each Sport and the President are members of the BOD with one vote. The Canadian FINA Bureau member holds a vote on the board. The Canadian FINA Bureau member is nominated through UANA by the BOD of Aquatics Canada every four years at the Pan Am Games. The Board is responsible for discussing and making decisions on all matters assigned by them by the aquatics organizations. Among other things, Board members interpret and enforce the Rules of FINA; they submit proposals to FINA Congress and Technical Congresses; they attribute FINA and Aquatics Canada awards; and they determine the operational handling and appointment of Canada’s Chef de Mission for the World Championships. As well they advocate and oversee all other FINA events being held in Canada. Aquatics Canada offers political support for all competitions for FINA’s aquatic disciplines at the Pan American Games, Olympic Games, World Championships and other FINA competitions. In addition, Aquatics Canada is responsible for appointing and lobbying for Canadian Candidates to hold positions on FINA Committees. Aquatics Canada is a member of UANA and every four years the Board nominates candidates for UANA Executive and Technical committees. An important task for Aquatics Canada is to nominate and recognize outstanding contributions made from the Aquatics Family of athletes, coaches and volunteers for national and international awards.  Aquatics Canada is the recognized body by FINA as a Member Federation. Our Officers






Name Position Sport Contact
Lisa Schott President Aquatics Canada Aquatiques Contact
Debbie Muir Representative Diving Plongeon Canada Contact
Penny Joyce CEO Diving Plongeon Canada Contact
Cheryl Gibson President Swimming Canada Contact
Ahmed El Awadi CEO Swimming Canada Contact
Judi Enns Bradette President Artistic Swimming Canada Contact
Jackie Buckingham CEO Artistic Swimming Canada Contact
Conrad Hadubiak President Water Polo Canada Contact
Martin Goulet CEO Water Polo Canada Contact
Margo Mountjoy Bureau Member FINA Contact
Eldon Godfrey Ex-Officio FINA Honorary Member Contact