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What cities in Canada have the facilities to hold a world-class international event?

The following cities currently have pools that meet FINA Standards to host international events:

  • Montreal
  • Edmonton
  • Quebec City (2014)
  • Toronto (2014)
  • Markham (2014)
  • Etobicoke
  • Windsor (2016)
  • Winnipeg
  • Calgary (2018)
  • Victoria
  • Saskatoon

But if You do not have a pool that meets FINA requirements, temporary pools can also work we would be happy to work with you on this file.

Are the facilities necessary to hold a domestic and international event the same?

NO. Different requirements apply to international FINA Events and Canadian domestic events. If you are interested in hosting a national event please contact the National Sports Federation office and they will be able to guide you.

What is the current ranking of Canada in each aquatics discipline?

At The London Olympic Games 2012:

  • Diving Won 2 medals
  • Swimming won 2 medals
  • Open Water Swimming won 1 medal
  • Artistic Swimming 4th place

Water Polo (men & women) did not qualify through to London.
The Aquatics Family, together, won 5 medals for Canada in London. This places the Aquatic disciplines second, behind Athletics, in the total medal count for Canadian medals.

I want to develop swimming programs in our region; where do we find coaches?

If your city is looking for coaches in any of the aquatic disciplines, contact the four aquatic National Sports Federations.

How can I cheer our Canadian aquatic Athletes on?

Our athletes need their country behind them, and they love receiving messages from home! Please post or send us a message on our Contact Page, and we will ensure the athletes receives it.

How to Create a 'Better World Championship Experience

We have been working with FINA Bureau to provide this new resource.  Creating a better World Championships experience