Synchronized Diving

Synchronized diving was adopted as an Olympic sport in Sydney at the 2000 Olympic Games. Two divers form a team and perform the same dives simultaneously – “in synchronization”. The goal is for the two divers to dive as one so what the spectators and judges see one vision. In synchronized events, the diving is judged on both the quality of execution of each diver and the synchronicity of the two.

5 elements used to determine the synchronization score:

  1. Timing of the approach and take-off, similarity in height
  2. Coordinated timing of the movements during the flight, the body position, the spin and the twist
  3. Similarity of the angles of the entries, a vertical entry is the goal
  4. Similarity of the distance from the board on entry
  5. Timing of the entries – the divers are to hit the water at the same time